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Engineering is play.

Engineering is play.

As the play is fun and easy for everyone to learn, it is the goal of the to help students learn the key concepts of engineering with easy and playfully. Through the understanding of engineering play represented by ball play, water play, light play and imagination play, we aim to nurture adventurous students with engineering senses and humanistic minds that can lead the 4th industrial revolution era.

Ball play

In order to make fun of a ball (e.g: playing a billiard ball), the key concept of the laws of motion (Newton's law) and the energy storage and consuming elements.

Water play

Water flow can be expressed exactly in the same way as the electric flow physically. The concept of the electric law of the physics (Ohm's law, Kirchhoff's law), we need to know the two electrical energy storing elements (capacitor & inductor) plus one energy consuming element (resistor).

Light play

In order to enjoy the light play (e.g: 3D movie, VR, rainbow creation, etc.), it is important to understand the laws of light such as reflection, refraction, diffraction and interference. And also, understanding of the duality of light helps us understand many things in life.

Imagination play

Imagination play can be understood as a play on how to add human imagination to the engineering play based on the ball, water and light plays. We can think of it as a man's play to understand life better and give people more wisdom.

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