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[SCIENTIFIC REPORTS] One-piece polarizing interferometer for ultrafast spectroscopic polarimetry

This paper describes a new class of ultrafast dynamic spectro-polarimetry based on a specially designed
one-piece polarizing interferometer. It provides spectral polarimetric parameters of an anisotropic
object in milliseconds with high precision. The proposed ultrafast spectro-polarimetry has no moving
parts and it is highly robust to external noises. The one-piece polarizing interferometric scheme enables
the world fastest and simplest solution in spectroscopic polarimetry. The distinct simple concept on
one-piece polarizing interferometer can extract spectroscopic polarimetric parameters Ψ(k) and Δ(k)
precisely with a speed of over 200 Hz over the entire visible wavelength range with a spectral resolution
of less than 1 nm. The proposed novel one-piece scheme will have a significant potential of a paradigm
shift from lab to fab in polarization metrology.

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