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Dynamic SE/SP

Our team has developed dyanmic spectroscopic ellipsometry based on spectral interferometry for the first time in the world and we are currently trying to commercialize the technology.

Device Descriptions

Dynamic Spectro-Polarimetry

Dynamic SP can measure spectral Stokes Vector information showing the polarization characteristics of the transmissive object with polarization anisotropy in real time speed of around 20Hz for the entire visible range of 400 to 700nm.

※ QWP Spholar :


Dynamic Spectro-Ellipsometry

Dynamic SE can measure thin film thickness dynamically, which is a key solution of semiconductor and display manufacturing process. It has distinct benefits for large scale thickness and nano-pattern uniformity evaluation. It can provide the thickness uniformity of nanometer level of ultra-thin films with a speed of around 20Hz.

※ DSE best shortened :


Dynamic Spectro-Reflectrometry

Dynamic SR can extract the 3D shape information of a periodic nano-pattern based on normal incidence scheme.

※ Final KIMM :

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