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간섭기반 스냅샷 분광편광위상측정의 열 안정성 분석

 In typical spectroscopic ellipsometry, the optical and geometrical properties of thin film and nano pattern can be 
obtained by measuring the polarization state of light reflected/transmitted from the object by rotating a analyzer or a 
compensator. We proposed a snapshot spectroscopic ellipsometric system based on a modified Michelson 
interferometer to overcome the time-consuring measurement principle due to rotating part. The proposed system 
provides spectral ellipsometric parameters (psi, delta) in real time by using a single spectral interference signal 
generated in the interferometric polarization module. However, it has a long-term stability problem resulting in 
delta(k) drift. In this paper, it is experimentally proved that the drift problem is caused by anisotropic refractive 
index change of the beam intersection layer in beam splitter of interferometer. 
Key Words : Spectroscopic ellipsometry, Interferometric polarization modulation, Temperature dependency

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간섭기반 스냅샷 분광편광위상측정의 열 안정성 분석.pdf (590.3 KB)

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