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일체형 분광편광간섭모듈 기반

 We describe an optimal alignment method for improving accuracy of dynamic spectroscopic polarimeter based on 
monolithic polarizing interferometer. The dynamic spectroscopic polarimeter enables real-time measurements of 
spectral ellipsometric parameters by using a spectral carrier frequency concept. However, the non-polarizing beam 
splitter used in the monolithic polarizing interferometer cannot maintain the polarization state perfectly due to phase 
retardation caused by optical anisotropic characteristics of the non-polarizing beam splitter, resulting in degraded 
measurement accuracy. The effect of the beam splitter can be minimized through optimal alignment of the polarizers 
used in the polarizing interferometer and the analyzer. We demonstrate how much the proposed alignment method can 
enhance the measurement accuracy by comparing with previous alignment approach. 
Key Words : Spectroscopic Polarimetry, Monolithic Polarizing Interferometer, Beam Splitter, Dielectric Coating

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